What a summer only…

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Ah, just look… What a summer is approaching… It’s like a fairy tale.

The whole space of sunny mood turns into an emotional compass. And it guides you to a blissful vacation in Greece. Specifically, in Keramoti.

Indeed, this is going to be special…

Grab your swimsuits and smiles and head to a magical holiday in Keramoti. Start preparing early. Get your plans, schedules, vacations in order… Start ‘working’ on convincing your partner, children, family friends… So that you can pack your bags for the summer of 2022.

Work on it, as much as you need to. You’re inviting them to an especially sunny holiday in Greece, in the Pearl of Keramoti

But still… Here are some sunny arguments for why a summer vacation in Keramoti is… there’s no vacation like it.

Relax. There is. For you. And for your family. Even for family friends. Come as a whole group. Because look:

  • Those who are envious will shut down Facebook and pack their bags for Keramoti.

  • Others – who have already been to this resort in Greece – have learned to enjoy life, and they will be there already. They are there now – in their thoughts.

  • And the children… the children will beg you so sincerely to live in this magical seaside vacation spot, they will make you believe in a new shore of your life.

  • On the shore, from which you see an insanely beautiful landscape that awakens in your spirit the lively splashes of your white dolphin.

The whole atmosphere of a peaceful vacation in Keramoti seems to lighten you. Actually – the feeling is more specific.

Have you ever tried napping in a hammock? You lie in the shade, sip a cocktail, glance at landscapes filled with palms, sea, sun… and gently sway. You sway in the rhythm of a lightly intoxicating summer reggae.

This is what a vacation in Keramoti is like…

A true Siesta for the spirit. A Siesta, in whose rhythm you don’t feel time passing, because:

  • You leisurely stroll along the fantastically expansive beaches of Keramoti. You feel the sea breeze while your feet are caressed by the fine sand. It’s like stepping on therapeutic powder.

  • You immerse yourself in the tranquility of a gentle family resort in Greece. There’s no ‘thumping’, no drunken shouts. You mostly hear the soft cry of seagulls – and the cheerful chirping of your children.

  • Your eyes really calm down, refresh, and get inspired by the combination of space and charming summer landscapes.

You wish to live like this forever.

Shall we take a walk?

Плажове на Керамоти

The beaches of Keramoti – wow!

We step directly into the full summer Siesta

Let’s stick to our word. The beaches in Keramoti are a magical place for a walk. They absolutely show that a summer vacation goes much beyond sunbathing and swimming in the sea.

And there will be many of them in Keramoti – no worries.

But there will also be many peaceful walks.

Keramoti is an ideal place for a calm family vacation, precisely because it offers a spectrum of experiences. After the standard beach time, you can dedicate yourself to a gentle evening walk. The beaches offer as much space for rest as the landscapes do. The vast beach strip in Keramoti will allow you to refresh and unwind after a hot summer day. And this way you avoid the “mom, what are we going to do now?”. You walk and fill your eyes with beauty. And your heart – with memories.

And besides for the eyes, the walk is also caressing for the feet. There’s no such gentle massage. Keramoti is famed as the place with particularly fine sand.

Like powder.

Fine, soft, caressing.


It will make you feel that walking barefoot is the most natural thing on Earth.

After your vacation in Keramoti, you might continue by inertia and have such conversations:

‘Why are you barefoot?

And why are you wearing shoes?’

That’s the effect of the walks on the beaches of this fairy-tale vacation spot in Greece.

And the best part is that…

In luxury – up to your knees!

In Keramoti, you always reach your shore

The situation is: The sea is shallow and tranquility follows you everywhere.

According to all user reviews, Keramoti is an ideal place for a vacation with children, because it is calm, and the sea is shallow.

Indeed. You can reach the bottom quite far in without any problem. You can both swim and leisurely paddle back and forth. The kids will love it. In the shallow and crystal-clear sea, they will play all the water games they can think of. And you will watch them with cheerfulness and tranquility.

And with a pleasantly fresh cocktail in hand.

This is what stepping into a summer vacation means. In stunning landscapes, huge beaches, and crystal-clear sea – you wade up to your knees!

Well, what do you say? Are you getting ready for a relaxing holiday with a magical vacation in Keramoti? In a convenient apartment for rent in this wonderful resort in Greece in 2022?

Hey, where did you get lost?

You have luggage to pack.

To plan exactly where you will stay in Keramoti

To explore the options in different accommodation places in Greece, the conditions in the rental apartments and hotels…

Did you get lost in the landscapes?

Wow… Exciting, isn’t it?

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