Every day begins brilliantly at Sunrise

There you go on a quiet peaceful holiday,

discover a magical view

and by the power of the new sunny day,

of the dawn charging your mood with the miraculous

the summer vacation dawns  with open space and endless siesta.

This is the charm of Sunrise Apartments.

Let the summer vacation find its most lovely Sunrise

Let your holiday in Greece be marked with the miracle of the sunrise. In case you are still wondering where to stay, Keramoti awaits you with some of the most stunning sunrises and sunsets in the whole world.

Visit the most sunny apartment complex in Greece, “Sunrise Apartments”, and you will be convinced that they are not just a place to stay in Keramoti.

Rather you will be staying in a temple of calm and light.

The sunrise of your great summer vacation is complemented with:

  • Picturesque views of Keramoti – the complex is located in the exotic pearl of the Greece resorts called Keramoti, a town famous with its charming landscapes.


  • Atmosphere for deep recreation – your vacation definitely will be a truly rejuvenating one because in the complex you are immersed in an elegant exterior sculpted from skillfully selected materials creating an atmosphere of color and authenticity.


  • A real rediscovery of the peaceful vacation at the sea – Sunrise is a complex of 2 comfortable apartments for rent perfect for a quiet, peaceful rest with friends. The larger apartment is a two-bedroom with a total of 4+2 beds, and has a living room.


  • You are comfortably accommodated in two optimally furnished apartments – “Sunrise Apartments” is a wonderful place to stay together with your family friends. The larger apartment is a two-bedroom with a total of 4+2 beds and has a living room and two bedrooms.


  • Equipment for an independent and valuable rest – once you check-in, start to enjoy the summer vacation in privacy and peace. You have a living room with all the necessary kitchen equipment (large refrigerator with camera, stovetop, microwave, toaster, party grill, coffee maker, cooking utensils, utensils, including kitchen knives, wine and beer openers, dinner sets, coffee , wine, etc.).


But this is not even close to the whole beauty of your sunny vacation…

The comfort has its own sunrise when you are staying in the Sunrise complex

In this kind of sunrise you are immersed thanks to the spacious dining room with a TV watching area where you can relax like at home – or even better. Right after the beach or your walk around Keramoti, you can curl up on the sofa bed, turn on the 37-inch LCD TV (with satellite antenna “Bulsatcom”) and be completely you. Relaxation is complete.

You also have free wireless (WiFi) internet in case you have inspiration to share something.

The smaller apartment is a tiny one-bedroom jewel of 15 square meters. It relaxes the whole family with its coziness.  

All the rooms are conveniently distributed, each apartment has its own bathroom/toilet. A maid performs daily cleaning, changes the sheets and face towels every 3-4 days and refills consumables such as toilet paper, liquid soap, etc.

Stretch out and catch the sunrise of the peaceful vacation now

A peaceful vacation siesta dawns at the Sunrise Apartments complex. If you love comfort, an evening relaxation in blissful tranquility, and practical amenities, book now.

Every evening of your holiday in Greece a full summer siesta will rise in your soul as you relax on one of the two spacious terraces in the complex – with a beer or white wine in hand.

And once the siesta starts to rise, the Sunrise effect is always “Awsooome!”.