If time slows down, we are in Keramoti

Why does everybody call Keramoti “The pearl of the Aegean Sea”? What exactly is the pearl like?

The pearl is a treasure formed when a microscopic particle falls into the mussel’s body. If the pearl fails to throw it away, it releases a special substance, mother-of-pearl, which encases the particle. 

And hence comes the mother-of-pearl’s natural brilliance.

Keramoti is also a town wrapped, so to speak, in a special substance. It is a special spirit that has turned this place into a gentle resort pearl – The pearl of the Aegean Sea.

What is this special spirit of Keramoti?

Siesta with a summer flavor

This town is known as the temple of the peaceful rest. From the Spanish tradition of the afternoon nap, there the siesta has flourished as a state of mind.

Immersed in the fabulous landscapes and beaches you have the feeling that your spirit is constantly in a sweet nap.

That’s why everybody wants to make going on holiday in Keramoti a part of the culture – just as the siesta is part of the Spanish culture.

However your cultural tradition will be a Greek-Bulgarian one. And will be expressed by…

Is there a room available, here we come!

There you can melt in a sea siesta. There the time has dozed off and you can measure it by the cries of seagulls and the crash of waves instead of nervously ticking clock hands.

The temple of the peaceful rest is undoubtedly the resort pearl Keramoti.

So think about where to stay in Keramoti, book a guest house, pack your bags and… if there’s a room available, here you go.

And there, eh, there the siesta seeps through the pores, because:

      • Everything is at a leisurely walk distance. No schedules, no plans, no fast-paced lifestyle. Whatever you need is nearby. Just reach out and another bliss is with you.


      • The hotels, guest houses and apartments in Keramoti are soaked in a friendly atmosphere and hospitality. And the locals know a word or two of Bulgarian.


      • The eyes drink the azure shores of the Aegean Sea. The coastal landscapes are like an exotic cocktails for the spirit. They turn Keramoti into place for a photo of the summer vacation itself.


      • And the beaches… The beaches are with you on every sunny step. Keramoti distinguishes itself by fabulous sandy beaches a 100 meters wide and 2.5 kilometers long. They are considered the most beautiful in mainland Greece. They create such calm, such sense of siesta, that even the herring gulls and seagulls feel uncomfortable to disturb it.


      • The whole atmosphere is a real cocktail with the scent of a summer vacation too. Keramoti shines with any resort pleasures as beach bars, comfortable sunbeds, umbrellas, fabulous food, water attractions… The summer is feasting.


      • And the calm, shallow sea and crystal clear water dissolve the senses in order to soak up any view.

Are you there? On summer vacation?

A nice place to enrich the summer siesta

To absorb the spirit of Keramoti choose carefully where to stay. Your place must also be a pearl.

Come to Keramoti Apartments.

The pearl of the Aegean resorts.

And while the accommodation options in Keramoti are still not many, we offer an atmosphere that really breaks you away from the daily routine and the noisy crowds.

In our complex of houses and apartments you will really hide from worry and immerse yourself in a spiritual siesta.

And this siesta will be a special substance, like an ethereal, emotional mother-of-pearl, with which your spirit will encases the summer memories turning them into real pearls.