A villa in the exotic Keramoti

Come where you will wake up to the exotic every single morning. Come where with a holy gratefulness you will say:

“Good morning sunshine. Good morning Keramoti”

Where exactly is this? In the Villa Bellevue – part of the Keramoti apartment complex.

Bellevue is a small and very cozy complex of holiday villas in Keramoti – the Greek tourism pearl located near the Thassos island.

There you will feel at home, sleep peacefully and wake you up to the exotic every time.

Waking up in a villa settled among the perfect exotic summer resort

It will be a great start to every vacation day, wouldn’t it? Villa Bellevue is really special, more special than the others guest houses in Keramoti. The building has a charming appearance and beautiful decoration that freshens your eyes like waves of summer nirvana.

The apartments combine modern style, comfortable indoor furnishings and  elegant chairs and tables made of exotic wood.

And for a total afternoon siesta in Greece there are 2 spacious terraces.


Open space for the spirit.

This is what our villas complex in Keramoti gives you.

To be more specific…

What makes you fall in love with a family vacation in Keramoti?

As soon as you enter the complex of apartments for rent in the Villa Bellevue it starts courting you. They start seducing you to instantly forget about all the worries and even to be a little irresponsible about time passing.  

To enjoy a real siesta.

The Villa’s charm takes on a variety of forms, such as:

  • Two really spacious bedrooms in each apartment in this villa for summer vacation that entices you to a sweet nap.


  • After your nap you may go out on one of the two terraces and immerse yourself in an exotic vastness. It is specially decorated and furnished with exquisite chairs and tables made of exotic wood. Drinking your morning coffee you will be spurred by saying out loud: “Good morning sunshine, good morning vacation of my dreams!”


  • The open space feeling is both in your spirit and inside the villa. The house’s charming appearance and functional furniture immerses you completely in the siesta spirit of your vacation. The rooms are huge and have every you need for complete relaxation: a fully equipped living room with a large refrigerator with camera, stovetops, oven, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, utensils, including kitchen knives, wine and beer openers, dinner sets, coffee, wine, etc. part of the living room is set aside as a pleasant spacious dining room.  


  • In order to keep the feeling of space and privacy in every moment of your vacation in Keramoti this family villa also offers TV watching area with a separate sofa bed and big 37-inch LCD TV with a permanent satellite connection via Bulsatcom.


  • And an effective air conditioning in all rooms will keep the freshness of your experience during your whole vacation in Keramoti.


Fall in love with the vacation in Greece this summer by booking a wonderful place in this wonderful vacation villa in Keramoti. Soon you will find out that you’re in love and want your stay to go on and on.

And as you are leaving… a a feeling of joyful anticipation will be rising in your heart:

“I’ll be back here again.”

Because a part of your heart stays in Villa Bellevue forever.