Where you are the captain of the summer mood

Would you like a fabulous vacation at the sea? To wash away all of the accumulated stress and thoroughly rinse out your spirit?

Go where you can set the course of your mood. And where the sea is like glass…

There’s only one solution:

Book a luxury apartment for rent

and dive into a siesta where your troubles fall into oblivion.

That’s how it’s done.    

That’s how you rest.   

Like a captain.

Where is it? In a complex of apartments for rent in Keramoti – the azure pearl of the Greek resorts.

What does this special holiday offer at the sea include?

The family hotel Bellevue apartments is located in the picturesque resort town of Keramoti, Kavala, right across from the island of Thassos. It has 8 new, spacious, comfortable and luxurious apartments for rent.

These apartments are designed with a lot of experience and good taste:

  • from skillfully selected materials


  • with an elegant, colorful exterior, giving them an atmosphere of authentic spirit and charm


  • offering an accommodation in peace, comfort and coziness – a real class siesta in the resort pearl of Greece.


So finish your last to-do’s at the office and at home, get in a captain’s mood and come visit us…

Finally, you get to the sea.

And you will start to wonder whether to return to your every-day life at all.

No, because that’s how everybody should live.

And because your best friends are coming with you too.

In the Bellevue apartments complex there is a room for all your friends:

  • It is a sheltered complex of 8 spacious and comfortable apartments with all the necessity amenities for a valuable vacation at the sea.


  • It is located 50-60 meters from the beach of Keramoti


  • It accommodates guests in 4 one-bedroom, 2 three-bedroom of type 2 and 2 from type 3 apartments for rent


  • It has large three-room apartments with two bedrooms and living room each with a total of 4+2 beds. The living room is equipped with all necessary kitchen equipment (large refrigerator with camera, stovetop, microwave, toaster, party grill, coffee maker, cooking utensils, utensils, including kitchen knives, wine and beer openers, dinner sets, coffee, wine, etc.)


  • These apartments have a spacious dining room with a special TV watching area furnished with a sofa bed and 37-inch LCD TV (with Bulsatcom satellite dish).


  • They provide immersion in a sweet summer siesta on two spacious terraces equipped with chairs and tables made of exotic wood. There the captains of the summer vacation take a nap before embarking on a new course of fun at sea. Really nice.


  • The guest rooms and living room are air conditioned to keep you fresh.


  • One of the three-room apartments is more luxuriously furnished and has a mezzanine above the level of the living room, with additional beds, i.e. it has maximum 4+2+2 beds.


  • And the smaller one-bedroom apartments for rent in the complex are almost identical in furniture and atmosphere – with the difference that they have one room less and have an area of 45 square meters, which is at least 15 square meters more than the standard Greek “studios” offered for rent in Keramoti.


  • In each of these apartments you have a private bathroom/toilet and a free Wi-Fi.


  • A maid performs daily cleaning, refills the consumables such as toilet paper, liquid soap, vero etc… and changes the sheets and towels every 3-4 days.


The rooms are perfect. The views are stunning, a picture of a great summer vacation. The sea is like glass.

In the Bellevue apartments complex, nicely located in the picturesque town Keramoti you are the captain of the summer mood, of the sunny siesta.

What are you waiting for? Come and start collecting a sunlight, summer vibes, tan and colorful memories.

And soon you will find yourself wondering whether to return to your every-day life at all.