Take it easy, don’t worry be happy in Keramoti

Go where there’s no noise, where every walk is leisurely,

and the world is sleeping and taking it easy.

You sit surrounded by beauty on the vast sand,

the hotel is near the beach, and the beach is near the hotel…

In Keramoti the vacation is like a laid-back song.

With all the palm trees and waves you feel yourself light-hearted    

The sand caresses you and the sea cradles you.

You just come here and dive in to siesta.

Don’t worry, don’t hurry, take it easy. Let the good vibes get a lot fresher. Let the Greek pearl make you happy


Keramoti sounds like a real summer hit.

Like all the laidback positive reggae songs.

They match each other perfectly.

Which directly raises the question why to choose exactly Keramoti for your summer vacation.

Let’s see…

Thumbs up for Keramoti

What exactly makes Keramoti a real summer hit among the resorts? It is the fact that there the rhythm and the feeling is always like “Don’t worry be happy, let the good vibes get a lot stronger! Don’t worry, don’t hurry, take it easy!”

If you are already thirsty for a quiet family holiday at the sea, Keramoti is the place.

The Greek pearl of the siesta saturates the mind with melting memories of summer vacation.

What’s so great about Keramoti?

The right question is whether there’s anything lacking in Keramoti for a truly rejuvenating summer vacation.

Let’s see:

  • The resort is a pretty town located in a small area along the lower reaches of the river Nestos. The town is 1 km into the Aegean Sea and has a beautiful port. The scenery on the shores of Keramoti is mind-boggling. The view is absolutely breathtaking.
  • And when you find yourself out of breath… whatever. You have so much water to freshen you up. And what water… the sea is really beautiful and calm, like your whole holiday. It doesn’t even think about messing with you and your vacation.
    • And the travel and walks are pure siesta. First and foremost, this resort is at only 4 hours from Sofia and traffic is light. Most of the things you need during your summer vacation in Keramoti are within walking distance. More important, however, is the sand. The vast beaches of Keramoti seem to be made of soft powder. The sand is so fine that you actually do not step on it but caress yourself in it.


    • Because of the above charms it is no coincidence that for years Keramoti has been gaining worldwide popularity as a place for spending a vacation in Greece. Many English people describe their experience as “A home away from home “, and every tourist becomes the protagonist of the movie “My wonderful sunny Greek Vacation”.


    • And really, imagine that you have a nice place where you spend your family holiday at the sea. Well, you have it. There are many places to stay in Keramoti – from tiny and cozy lodging houses to spacious apartments.
    • There are a lot of accommodation options. So you will definitely find out quickly where to sleep in Keramoti. And you won’t miss anything. Next door will be your friends with whom you can share a barbecue and watch TV, like in Bulgaria. Sometimes with smiling photos you will make all of Facebook envious of your company, because you have a constant connection via free high-speed Internet. Everything is arranged spotlessly – the room, the accommodation, there is no mistake, don’t worry, take it easy.


    • In fact this Greek resort is meant to be a place for a calm, easy-going Family holiday. For a real siesta and accumulation of sunny memories from a variety of vacation activities. Like walks, for instance. The surroundings of Keramoti offer many opportunities. About 30 km. away are the Greek cities of Kavala and Xanthi, and the ferry runs regular fast routes to the island of Thassos.
    • And… don’t forget the selfies. The town is a summer hit in this regard as well. Fabulous landscapes combined with wide smiles create naturally shining photos from every holiday in Keramoti. Everyone in your social networs will be so jealous that they will pack their luggage right away. And the reason is… Have you seen the photo smiling?


    • And the sunsets… The sunsets in Keramoti are magical. We really mean it – if you are planning a marriage proposal there will be a perfect place starring your partner and the exotic scenery as The Yes part will be  a slum dunk for you. The Sunsets simply require it.

This is just some of the magic of this Greek resort. We started with “let’s see” but actually you haven’t seen anything yet.

So, take it easy and calmly head to the Pearl of the Aegean Sea. There the summer will always be enough – and the sea is up to your knees.