Whoever came to Keramoti, had a hard time leaving

That’s right… As strange – and slightly puzzling – as it sounds, it’s actually understandable.

It is completely understandable that when leaving in the end of the holiday in Keramoti the kids assert that they want to live in Greece. And you…

You may even shed a tear reminding yourself how rudely the upcoming daily tasks will invade your life. Again.

That’s right… You have spent the week immersed in the mood:

The apartment is next to the sea and the sea is next to the apartment.


At Keramoti apartments it is like this:

  • This complex offers a luxurious and fully furnished apartments with full kitchen equipment. So you may use the well-equipped room not only as place to sleep in Keramoti but also as a cozy area only for you and your unique stories of the vacation experience during the day.
  • And there are some additional amenities. In order to be constantly connected to the world and share the charm of all the beauties of Keramoti in the apartments we provide free Wi-Fi and a satellite TV. So while watching a movie you can share photos from your vacation in Greece on Social Media as if winking: “Hey guys, look where I am!”. And then Like, Like, Like… In response to that you will definitely receive a comment “Oh, come on!”. This is to be expected, of course, because you are on summer vacation in Keramoti.
  • What if you are with all your best buddies? The more fun, the more… comfortable. Come with all of your friends. Keramoti apartments has two and three-bedroom apartments with comfortable room layouts. It’s really great for a family vacation. And if you are with close family friends staying next-door it becomes a magical story.
  • A magical story with a special soundtrack. And with one of the most relaxing sounds possible. Just listen, do you hear how the meat sizzling. Yesss…, to fulfill the summer nirvana every apartment for rent in Keramoti comes with a barbeque and a cozy patio
  • And the beach is nearby. Keramoti Apartments is located somewhere between 100-150 meters from the sea, a 5-minute walk. Just for humming “Living next door to seaside”. Wow, where on earth did you enjoy such summer pleasure! What do you mean where? In Keramoti apartments complex!
  • Your family vacation begins with a warm welcome – wherever you look. Rely on our devoted attitude, as warm as the gentle rays of the sun. And the services in this hotel complex will utterly take you away from the hectic lifestyle. Our team naturally become your new family friends.

Eventually, after about 10 days, a nostalgic sadness follows. Your kids may even say to you with tears in their eyes: “We want to live in Greece!” Well you can make this wish comes true – at least partly.

The whole team of Keramoti apartments complex is at your service again next year, and next year, and next year… So you may stay in our complex every summer and turn your vacation in Keramoti into a way of life. Like going to your place every time. But you visit a peaceful, well-arranged complex in Greece.

Somewhere where there is no noise, only a laid-back atmosphere.

In the Keramoti resort you take it easy all the time.

The apartment is next to the sea and the sea is next to the apartment.

Book Keramoti apartments complex and come where the time is never enough. And it’s worth it.

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