Where you would send your friends. But first it is you that will go there

If you are fond of summer holiday destinations, if the warming solitude with pleasant company and fabulous views is your type of tourism,

Then you are definitely readyfor a holiday in the guest houses of the Keramoti apartments complex in Greece.

Once you stay with us you will start to send all your friends and acquaintances here.

Toward the perfect summer vacation. But first it’s you. Definitely.

Why? It’s just amazing for spending the summer!    

Just picture it…

Detached guest houses in a picturesque village by the sea

Perfect. Just right for solitude and recreation with your close friends. And what exactly do these guest houses in the complex Keramoti apartments actually offers?

      • Spectacular views and proximity to the legendary beach of Keramoti makes it clear why Keramoti-Greece is among the most popular holiday destinations. The atmosphere in which every guest house from this complex is immersed is like a summer cocktail for the thirsty for siesta eyes and hearts.


      • A complete solitude with your friends will make you feel like you are in a holiday capsule. The complex consists of 6 detached guest houses equipped with full kitchen equipment. You even have an iron and ironing board to be independent and stylish during your whole vacation. We give you the whole house during your stay and we are truly invisible. We only show up if you need something.


      • The conditions in every guest house are excellent. A bright living room inspires you to dive deeper into your vacation in Keramoti every single day, and a dedicated TV watching area with a sofa bed takes your afternoon nap to a whole new level. To a level of a blissful siesta.


      • The siesta is a holiday on a completely different level and you can easily give the children a secure parental cradle. They will play carefree in the yard of the guest houses in Keramoti apartments complex. And you will take it easy, eat a salad and watch them casually while they are on the playground.


      • And let’s be serious, you will want to grill, right?. There is a personal barbecue in the courtyard of our guest houses in Keramoti. Just perfect for the summer season, wouldn’t you say?


      • You don’t worry about anything, the hosts are invisible and your eyes are enjoying carefully selected and maintained exotic plants.


      • The break from the daily routine is complete but you have the opportunity to take what you need from it during the summer vacation in Keramoti. The guest houses of the complex have all modern amenities and opportunities to connect with the world such as free Wi Fi internet and digital TV.


      • If you need something, one look is enough and the hosts come right away. Otherwise they leave you in complete peace and solitude. In addition, at Keramoti Apartments you use daily maid service and you never feel the absence of anything.

So, come to our guest houses complex to find out what privacy with pleasant company really means – a company of friends, amenities and exotic summer atmosphere.

If this is your type of tourism and vacation, welcome to the guest houses of Keramoti Apartments. And next year…

Next year you will repeat – definitely.

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